Find Suppliers of Rotab Mazafati Bam Dates


The benefits of dates are verified. Today,  there is hardly any one who doesn’t know all about this magic fruit which contains loads of benefits. The dates are not one but of several kinds. Some again are named differently in different places.  Mazafati date, for example, is also known as Bam dates or sometimes called RotabMazafati Bam Dates. Though harvested at different times, started to grow in August,  and continues till the last part of October. This variation is the most common for different kinds of dates harvested for a breakfast table or for snacking between meals. It is a valued source of dietary elements consumed every day as a fruit.


If you are curious enough how RotabMazafati Bam Dates derives its name, then read on here a few words regarding its origination of the name. The harvesting of Mazafati date is chiefly done in the Bam city of Kerman province,  which is largely connected with the farming of excellent Mazafati dates. You’ll be surprised to know that the 28,000 hectares of the Bam region have been dedicated for the reaping Mazafati dates. Out of this total land, 5,000 hectares are  kept for reaping new palm trees.


The Mazafati dates which are of medium size of about 2.5-4.5 cm,  are dark, fleshy, soft, and juicy. The dates with moderately high humidity volume of 32% -35% are best consumed as fresh dates.


The huge yearly harvest of Mazafati dates brings maximum revenues.  It is assessed that 120,000 tons of the Mazafati dates are reaped every year. Chiefly, these dates are consumed in the home markets, but recently bigger production of Mazafati dates has encouraged the farmers to export them overseas.

Rotab Dates are as soft and sweet as Mazafati Dates. But this species is regarded as the finest dates across the world. When compared with Medjul dates, Rotab Dates are found to be sweeter in taste and deeper in color. Bam is a famous part of the US city in the region of Iran, there are two notable things here, one is this olden city of 2000 years old and the other is a popular harvest of Rotab dates.


Unlike Medjool Rotab, Medjool dates are picked earlier than they reach the ripeness phase. It is carefully picked by hand and comes out far lesser quantities from the dates. Rotab is considered to be the newest type of Palm fruit and loaded with normal sugars and humidity content.


RotabMazafati Bam Dates loaded with various calcium, potassium, magnesium, and multivitamins like A, B complex, C, etc. offer immense benefits to the users.  High in protein and fiber content, but low in fats make these dates healthy snacks at the breakfast table.


You may be a retailer or a simple consumer, or a wholesaler, or an exporter, the dates carry on their importance in different aspects, either on health or on revenue earning . Never ever keep yourself away from dates fruit to make yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.