Mazafati Dates Nutrition

November 21, 2021 , Iranian Mazafati Dates


Mazafati Dates is a fertile and popular garden vegetable which has grown incredibly in popularity over the last few years. The taste of the vegetable is sweeter than ever, as it is made with the new Mazafati seeds, which have been developed and diversified by a number of breeders, experts in the industry. The majority of the Mazafati dates that are available in the market today are hand-picked and transported throughout the world. They are cultivated in the fertile flatlands and foothills of the mountainous region of Iran, and are used to produce a variety of fruit, vegetables and spreads.

The wholesale of Mazafati dates starts at the end of August. Some distributors keep their products on ice to protect them from damage and long-term storage, so that they may not sell anything to the public until the middle of September. The prices start from approximately $1 per kilogram, which includes the shipping charges, but there is no minimum size for the baskets or crates that must be used to ship the dates. However, there is a minimum age for the consumer to order this exotic fruit and vegetable. Mazafati Dates Iran is produced on larger farms, some of which are located on the lands of Iran’s traditional khajuraho-tribes.

The most popular varieties are the dark brown kimia dates, which have an intense sweet flavor that is mild enough for consumption as an instant dessert, but also very rich and spicy. The other two most common varieties are the white kimia dates and the light brown Mazafati dates. These dates are more widely available in the Iranian markets, but it is harder to find the dark brown ones, as they are mainly found in wholesalers. It may be difficult to find the old fashioned kimia dates that are still produced in Iran, but these are the more expensive ones.

The texture of the fresh Iranian dates vary slightly depending on the type of plant that they are, and the different harvesting times. They are also available in different sizes; some are small, medium, large and even in dessert size. One advantage of buying the long-lasting, dark brown kimia date is that they can be used in any cooking method, although the longer-lasting ones tend to brown faster than the short-lived, lighter brown ones. The dark brown variety of the dates is also proven to have a higher content of iron, calcium, manganese and zinc.

For consumers who want to purchase authentic dates from Iran, it is advisable to buy the long-lasting, dark brown ones, as the lighter ones tend to brown faster and do not preserve the nutrients that could be present in the better-quality, fresh Iranian dates. This is the most cost-effective way of purchasing Iran dates. The most attractive feature of purchasing Iranian dates online is the various discount coupons that may be offered; the coupons usually stipulate the quantity that can be bought at a certain discounted rate.

Although the nutritional value of the products from Iran may not be fully understood, there are a lot of reports available, showing that Mazafati dates contain high calorie content. The quantity of calories found in these dates is approximately 70 percent of the total calories that are contained in one cup of water. Due to its high calorie content, it is best to use them sparingly or consume them with other foods such as dates. The good thing about using this product is that it contains no fat, oil or salt and is therefore ideal for people who are watching their waistlines.