Comprehensive Alkaline Meals Chart & Their Advantages

November 21, 2022 , Date Fruits, Healthy food

Dates are anti-cancer

Dates are rich in vitamins “A” and “B” and “C”, sugar, cellulose and albuminoid substances, fat and mineral salts and extremely nutritious. Dates are the best fruit of tropical regions, where Arabs and caravans passing through deserts without water and grass feed only with this fruit. As a result, it is heavy and many people cannot tolerate its digestion. Its taste is sweet and its expectorant properties are high, so sixty grams of it are boiled in one liter of water and its decoction is used for colds, sore throats and all lung infections. do

Dates, jujubes, raisins, and figs form four fruits, which are known as “Four Melina Fruits”.

Figs with dates, raisins and jujubes give a combination (four fruits for chest) that if they are combined equally and boiled in one liter of water, it can be used to treat lung infections and gargle for angina, if you have access to all these four fruits If you don’t have any, you can instead boil five dried figs in one liter of milk and use as mentioned.

Dr. (Lake Lark) refers to the famous botanical book of Plissen, an ancient Roman scientist, and says that the Romans knew several types of dates in ancient times and used each of them in special cases. As a kind of it was offered during the worship of the gods. And the other type was considered special for kings’ banquets, and the third type, which was called (pearl dates), was extremely small, but had a lot of nectar and water, and at that time, there were many date trees of this type in Rome.

Plissen says: These three types of dates had a delicious taste that anyone who ate them could not get enough of eating them.

According to recent scientific tests, it has been proven that dates have a high nutritional value and its consumption is an excellent and ideal food for athletes.

Dates have vitamins “A” and “B”, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. As a result of scientific investigations, it has been found that the human body’s need for iron is 0.9 mg per day, while 100 grams of dates contain 3.6 to 5 mg of iron, and as you know, iron is necessary for anemic people. Therefore, no fruit other than dates can provide the iron needs of our body, it has also been proven today that the lack of magnesium in the body creates the basis for cancer and dates have a large amount of magnesium that is needed when consumed. It repels us, and it is for this reason that Arabs and desert dwellers, despite living in food poverty, never get cancer by eating dates. Dates also strengthen the sexual powers and increase the lust in both men and women.